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The webcam of the Orta Lake, managed by local Tourism Board, is placed on our terrace on 5th floor.

The Lake of Orta is situated just west of Lake Maggiore. Is the most western between the lakes in the foothills of the Alps and has its origins in the southern front of the glacier of Sempione. Contrary to what happens to many of the alpine lakes, which have the effluent to the south, the waters of Lake of Orta goes out to the north and crossing Omegna, give life to the Nigoglia stream which then flows into the Strona and across the river Toce, in the Lake Maggiore.

The human presence on the Lake of Orta is ancient and goes back to the Neolithic times. In 1786, the ground of Cusio becomes property of Savoia, moving from Lombardy to Piedmont. An ideal destination for artists and writers, the lakeside places of the Lake are often described in the works of famous authors such as Balzac, Rodari, Montale e Soldati. The fame has been increased also by famous chef and industrialists known at worldwide level.

The Cusio, as is called the area of the Lake of Orta, is a fascinating casket where nature, art and culture are intertwined magically in the rarefied atmosphere proper of the lake sites. Among the most known sites of Lke of Orta, there's Omegna, capital of Cusio. Recognised in the past itself as industrial town leader in the housewares sector, today is also cultural reference point of the whole territory.

The gem of the Lake is Orta San Giulio, a small village that enchants writers and scholars for centuries. It's a jewels of medieval architecture whith its tight and suggestive alleys. In the Motta square, with its outdoors tables and the sixteenth-century Palazzotto, first city hall, there is the pier, point of departure to get the Island of San Giulio. This is a piece of land where, according to legend, San Giulio defeated dragons and snakes. A mistyc sign of the whole lake, in the center there is the ancient Seminary, founded in 1844 and today is abbey that accommodates a community of Benedictine nuns. The island is dominated by the Basilica of San Giulio, commissioned by the Saint in the IV Century where you can admire the wall paintings that reproduce images of Saints and paintings realized by the apprentices of the painter Gaudenzio Ferrari.


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