The water of the lake is clean and you cannot miss the chance to take a swimm !

For a quick jump in the water you can walk some 250 meters to the unofficial beach that all locals attend to freshen up in summer.  No chairs, no umbrellas, no lifeguard.... Just a small spot left to itself where you can take a swimming.

In case you were looking for something more comfortable, the Lido di Bagnella offers chairs, umbrellas, bar, swimmingpool... Entrance ticket must be purchased.  It is situated 1800 meters from the hotel, on the right hand side of the lake.  Next to it thare are also the two offial free beaches of Omegna.

Finally, if you were looking for a quiet secluded space, you could go to our "Rivetta".  It a small spot on the lake just for our guests, 1800 meters down the left hand side of the lake.  Some chairs are available.  Here  you can find the instructions to reach it.

Our Rivetta





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